Theatres kaking extra costs for parking, foods amd drinks

Theatres kaking extra costs for parking, foods amd drinks

I  am living in cumbum andhra Pradesh in cumbum there is 3 movie theatres named (Victory, star, venkateswra). Both this cinema halls is taking extra money for food and collecting parking feess if we not pay they showing scolding us and making rowdeysim on peroples number of people’s say that it is wrong but thay shouting us on 31 st march we went to victory hall one of the person is taking parking fee we asked that it is not correct we make complete by leagel then he replied thay the concern dependent con’t pluck my hair also said that we are really sad about that plz take a serious action on them and show what you are plz support us support people

Cumbum grandlayam street

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