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Uber driver refused to honor booking

This is to bring to your notice that the uber I booked today morning was the practically the worse decision I made. First of all he was highly unprofessional and he asked me to guide him despite of putting the right location which was even fine with me. It was already 15 mins late and I waited for him to call about his whereabouts. After another 10 more mins I gave him a call asking where he was, he said he left. He had a rude accent and also sounded like it was my fault. He just left from my vicinity without informing me and cancelled the ride on his own. I even told him he was a block away from my building, yet it was too much effort for him to put and come. I am very dissapointed and yet he had the nerve to say “karlo complaint aap I dont care.” Pls look into the matter.
Name of the driver- Mxxxd Kxxxxxm / Car- Hyundai Xcent / No- MH03BC6790

Smriti Sharma
Highland, Thane 400608, Maharashtra
Email: xxxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com

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