Unfair Deduction by Tata Play for services that I did not opted for
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Unfair Deduction by Tata Play for the services that I did not opted for

I have been using Tata Play (D2H) service for more than 1 year in Delhi (Shahdara). Recently, one of Tata Play official associates called me and offered for “free” Firestick installation for 30 days. It was installed by their technician freely on 29/07/2022. (Please note, he installed just the device, he did NOT give me any device related or policy related documents even on asking)

Since it was free so i asked many questions to the associate (she) regarding any kind of hidden charges. Asking about what after 30 days she replied, “Sir, if you want to continue after 30 days you can subscribe as per valid charges and enjoy else it will get deactivated after 30 days.” (Don’t know whether she was on Target to sell as many as devices”.) I also asked the technician, he also said the same thing.

Since, my parents don’t know how to use it, we didn’t use this “free” service even for a single day. We were watching our normal TV channels and did not concern about it, since as per the policy it was going to deactivate after 30 days.
As my normal recharge got over, I recharged for INR 201 (for channels for one month) on 30/08/2022 through TATA Play app (while paying it showed that i was paying for my usual recharge i. e the channel that i have subscribed for but they deducted INR 149 (for Tata Binge). When asked why, they said, it was in our policy to “auto reactivate” the Firestick unless user herself deactivate it by “calling us”.

I registered many complaints regarding this and they assured that they will call but i did not recieve any call. I have been calling them for 11 days continously but neither did they resolve nor refund the unauthorized deduction.
When I asked them that “now ok if till you refund or don’t refund, can i recharge for normal channels pack, will you deduct money again like you did this time.” Tata Play associate assured me that “Sir, you money has ALREADY been deducted and it is valid till 28/Sep/2022, now you can recharge for your channels your money will not be deducted again and for deactivation call us 5 days before 28 Sep 2022 and we will deactivate till then enjoy Binge.” I asked for confirmation, he confirmed it confidently.

So on 09/Sep/2022, i again recharged with INR 198 for normal channels (I confirmed the channels that i want to see, there was no mention of Firestick/Amazon Prime/others). But to my surprise, Tata Play AGAIN DEDUCTED INR 179 from my normal recharge. This time they say, “sir, we have deducted INR 179 for Amazon Prime Membership”. I asked, “but your associate cofirmed that we won’t deduct again”. Tata play associate said, “sir we won’t deduct for Tata Binge again but we can deduct for Amazon and this amount is non refundable”

THIS IS A CLEAR CUT “FRAUD” with consumer as-
1. As company associate lured me through “free” service but did not inform about hidden charges
2. I was not provided even a single policy related document. (They just installed device, there was no terms&conditions papers)
3. While recharging through company’s official Tata Play app, they showed my chosen service/pack but deducted for “other services” without my consent and despite a request already pending for the same issue.

I have been calling to company’s grievance call centre for 11 days continuously and even mailed to the Nodal officer but they are neither providing refund nor deactivating the service and on top of that deducting my hard earned money in the name of “policy”.

Therefore, I request the concerned authority to take congnizance of this “new type of fraud” that Tata Play is doing with the consumers. Please refund my hard earned money as soon as possible.

Shahdara 110032, New Delhi
Email: axxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com


  1. Hi! Help is here! Kindly help us with your Registered Mobile Number/Sub ID along with a brief description of the issue you are facing. We’ll fix this for you at the earliest.

    • Aayush on 20/09/2022 at 4:48 pm

    My Sub ID is 1449852209

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