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Unfit cab to travel, but Ola charges money

Booked an Ola Cab Micro Cab for 4 hours 40 Km rental package from Bangalore airport on 9th Jan 2018. After boarding, found the car is not well maintained, AC not working, unfit to travel-in comfort, in stark contrast to what Ola assures in their service.

When I complained, the driver asked me to get-off the cab and stopped the cab mid-way on road. I called the Ola Customer care, they could not provide any help, except telling me to book another cab myself.

I did so, booked another Ola and traveled finally and paid in full. Now Ola wants me to also pay for the former cab the full amount for 4 hour 40 Kms.

I seek assistance in why should I, a consumer be charged when the merchant is unable to provide the promised service.

The driver knew, I am a single women passenger and just abandoning the trip without any assistance in an unknown city is a possible safety issue. I called the Customer Care but except for saying sorry 5 times, they didnt act to help. Fortunately, I protested and didnt step out of the cab on road till I got another cab, and it was daytime. Had this been night and being an isolated location as in airport vicinity, it is scary to note that the level of service OLA is providing. This caused me immense stress and also loss of time for my scheduled work.

Thus, my complaint is against OLA for wrongly charging me for a service not fully provided and also for all the troubles I faced at this incident. I would in addition request Govt norms for such Private Transport Service providers to be made strict.

Ritushri Mitra
Thane West, Mumbai 400615, Maharashtra
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxa@tiongroup.com

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