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Victim of Profit Plus Card Big Bazaar, Future Group

I have opted for profit plus card around 20 month’s earlier however while applying for the card it was told to me that the un used amount in my card will be refunded along with the bouns of 2000/- + the un used amount. Hence I have applied for the same. Mine total amount pending in card is approximately 4500/-.

However in previous week on Saturday and Sunday ie on26/27 Sept 20 have visited three time to cancel my Profit Plus card and that too the customer service was only asking me to log an complaint through call centre mode only and not guiding me properly. Very rudely talking and behavioral issues.

Firstly he told me now you have not utilized the amount of card it’s your loss. I waiting there for 30 min and discussion and asking him to meet the store manager who was not available and they told me he was out for some work/ asking for complaint register etc… Post waiting for 30 min he handed me the complaint register before that he was deniying for such register. Due you think in this Pandamic stituion is good to keep customer waiting for such long. I logged an two complaint through call center one for getting refund and another for Staff behaviour issue. Next day I received call from Mr Cxxxxn customer service executive saying you need to bring your id and address proof only to get the refund. And the complainant where closed when I have denied because I was not satisfied with the response. On same day have visited again but now they told me to bring mine profit plus card also. I again went home and submitted the same and insisted for acknowledgment of submitting all documents for which they denied.

I think future group is playing with the money of our lot many people and while returning from there it is observed that many staff of the group are enjoying outside playing Ludo / so called senior staff and enjoying with our hard earn money.

Imagine if 1 lacs person have being victim of such profit plus card having an minimum balance of 1000/- each amounting to Rs 10 cr…. Poor Indian citizen humble request raise your voice.

Still waiting for acknowledgment of Documents submitted of profit plus card.

Nashik 422006, Maharashtra


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