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Wrong charges by Uber driver, no customer support

I hired an uber cab from batla house to noida mu fare on the app showed 156/- when we reached there the driver showed me on his app that the toll was charged but is not added with the fare so he will charge it and he took 260/- from me later i confirmed from Uber and they said that driver did not have the toll so i asked them to refund my money and there responses are all vague after that, they have been saying they will investigate and take action against driver but will not refund money because i paid in cash, this is very unfortunate they will investigate it but they won’t refund my money because they are still getting there cut and they do not care about my money. As i see it the driver is associated with uber and it is a liability on uber that they hire drivers and not thieves.

Wasif Wani
Jamia Nagar, New delhi 110025
Email: wxxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com


    • Bhavesh on 26/07/2018 at 8:16 pm

    The similar incident happened with me. This is Uber’s way of fooling their customers.
    Now, after following up on the email, they have the same answer for everyone, that they did not include the toll.

    I have the screenshots of multiple instances when it happened.

    • Ashutosh Chatterjee on 18/08/2018 at 5:46 pm

    Same happened with me. I hired Uber from Vijaynagar to Bangalore Airport. Fare given was 885/-., clearly mentioning that all is inclusive including any toll. The driver paid the toll both ways for Rs. 130/-. At the end of ride, bill on Drivers’ phone was 885/-. He asked me to pay for the toll of 130/, which I denied. I offered him to pay half of this and give me the receipt to which he did not agree. He created a big nuisance and this led to traffic jam on the airport. I paid him fare and half the toll and let him go. When I complained to Uber, they simply said that cannot resolve any payment beyond their system. When complained of the driver, they did not act. On the top of this, they are asking to pay Rs. 305/- which could not be billed for technical problem. Very poor show by Uber.

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