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Wrong delivery by Club Factory and no refund

On 02.06.2020 I order for purchase of “Google Chromcast” through Club Factory App and paid Rs.1098.73P online through my  PayTm  account.  I received the product on  04 June 2020. After receiving the product “Google Chromcast” I fix it on HDMI Port of TV for viewing the programme from my mobile to TV. To my surprise the  product I received was “AnyCast” instead of “Google Chromcast”. I requested  for “ Return” of product because It could not fulfill my purpose. Moreover the “AnyCast” product was available at a cost ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs.600/- from other online shoping sight. My return request was accepted.

Sir, on 05.06.2020 the return product was picked up by CLUB FACTORY  Courrier Agent after verifying the product  with his ‘return pickup order’.  I received message of return pickup   at  04.58PM from Club Factory.  Meantime I also tried tracking information of return product on daily basis. On June 11, 2020 the return product was received in the city of seller and delivery attempt was made by CLUB FACTORY delivery agent to the seller on 13th June 2020 which was failed. No attempt of delivery was made on 14, 15, 16th of June 2020. I chat with CLUB FACTORY Customer  support  team on 16, 17, 18th  June 2020, but with no satisfactory reply.  On 18th June at 10.08 PM  I  received a message from Club Factory for Rejection of my application of return. On 19th June 2020 I chat with the Custmer Support team  about rejection of my return application. Support team replied that the return item does not match the product and they also advised me for arbiteration.  I applied for arbiteration and told them  that,  how  item can not match with the supplied item?  Your courrier agent check the item before pickup  and after confirmation with  his return pickup he took the item.   But my arbiteration request was also rejected and my refund claim was decline.

Sir, please look into the matter  and help me in refunding my legal amount .

KAITHAL 136027, Haryana
Email: axxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com

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    • K Gopalarao on 05/07/2020 at 10:54 pm

    I was also cheated in the same way. I booked Any cost dongle. It was not properly working, So i returned.The Club factory sent a courier boy to pickup return. He checked the item before taking from me.He satisfied after verifying the item. Then he took it from me.After some time i got a message frm Club Factory that the return pickup was successful. After some days i got a message the return was rejected as the item was not matched. I met Club Factory through chat and told it. They told that amount wouldn’t be refunded. Finally they escalated my complaint. They finally decided that refund wouldn’t be done.I returned full and correct item to the courior boy who was sent by Club factory. So how was i responsible if the item was not matched? Till today they did not refund my amount. So Pls do not believe Club Factory. It is china App. Club Factory always cheats. K. Gopalarao, My return Id no : SON15916231268531717

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