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Xiaomi Redmi Service center in Ahmedabad bullying customers

I purchased a Redmi 3s from Flipkart in September 2016. The phone is, at present 9 months old and under warranty. The phone was working fine till 05-06-2017 and suddenly it stopped charging. The battery died from not being able to charge. Hence I could not turn the phone on. On 06-06-2017 I took the phone to TVS Electronics in Ahmedabad, which is an authorized Redmi service center. After waiting for my turn for about 4 hours, I finally took the phone to the counter, where a lady handed me a slip of paper and asked me to write my details and the problem with the phone. I did so.

After another 2 hour wait, they tell me that the motherboard on the phone would have to be replaced and gave me an estimate of Rs. 6000. I was amazed that, for a phone costing Rs. 7000 and in-warranty, they are asking me to pay Rs. 6000 for repairing charges.

I politely declined to get the phone repaired and asked them to return it to me….So now they tell me that I would have to pay inspection charged of Rs. 115…What is the meaning of WARRANTY if i have to pay charges for a busted, in-warranty phone?? I argued with them a little bit about this and they told me to get out and go to the police station or do whatever i could, but they wouldnt return my phone back untill I paid them those charges..Then they show me a fine print on the back of the slip that they had made me fill out, where it did say something about inspection charges. But in the normal course, 99% of the people are likely to miss this 1 point out of 9-10 point printed on the backside in very tiny letters, almost impossible to read.

Sensing I was on the backfoot, I paid up the charges and got my phone back after about another 1 hours of waiting. Then I decided toi take my phone to my local mobile repair shop. They checked the phone, said it was just a CHARGING SOCKET problem and replaced it withing 20 minutes and charged me Rs. 350.

So, What this company does is, make a fool of the customers. Tell them about non-existent problem with the device and charge amounts almost equeal to the cost of the phone. Plus they threaten customers, refuse to return the instrument and use all kind of bullying techniques.

The customer service gentleman who made me go through all this was a person called Mr. Axxxy at TVS service center, Rudra Complex, Bodakdev, Judges Bunglow Road in Ahmedabad

How do I sue this comapany for wasting 8 hours of my day, bullying me, thretening me and trying to extort me out of Rs. 6000 for a fault on the mobile device that was non-existent….

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Ojas Khanderia
Ahmedabad 380052, Gujarat
Email: oxxxxxxx2@yahoo.com
07/06/2017 / 5:42 am

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