Yatra Credit Shell not working no customer support available

Yatra Credit Shell not working, no customer support available

I had booked my flight from Pune to Kolkata via Yatra.com during the 1st quarter of 2020. Due to nationwide lockdown, I had to cancel my booking. I received a mail from Indigo stating I have money in my Credit Shell & to use it, I have to contact Yatra. Now after 5 months, as I I am trying to book the flight from Yatra, it is not availing me the Credit shell money. I followed the steps given in their tutorial video/manual. But I cannot proceed to select the new date. I have tried contacting them via email but didnt receive a reply & their customer care number is set to automated tone saying ‘due to lockdown, contact via mail’.

So now I am stuck with Rs4000+  money with Yatra.

Pune 411033, Maharashtra
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com

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