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Zoomcar not refunding money against undelivered services

Hi, I booked a zoomcar (Mahindra Scorpio) from 25/April/2018 to 27/April/2018 to go to Mussorrie, Uttrakhand with my friends. I picked the car on 25/April/2018 at 2:00 P.M. from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Upon reaching Modinagar which is approximately 35km from Noida, someone brought this to my notice that some oil is leaking. So when I checked some oil was leaking just below the engine. To which I immediately called the customer care helpline of zoomcar at around 4 P.M. and asked for support. They referred me to Sxxxxn, their technical advisor, Sxxxxxxxn, had a very rude and adamant behavior he kept on asking me the same thing that I should send him the picture from below the engine from where the oil was leaking. First of all, they gave me a faulty vehicle and now instead of providing me some help asking me to send them pictures that too from below the engine. Somehow, I sent the pictures by going beneath the car despite my back problem. They sent a tow truck at 6 P.M. Meanwhile, I asked Sxxxxxxn to provide me with an alternate vehicle so that I can continue my trip but with his same attitude, he said that I have to wait and I have no other option till then. It took them 3 hours to get the truck towed to the showroom which was hardly 12kms away from the place of car breakdown and by 7:15 P.M. when we reached the showroom it was closed so in the last 6 hours I moved only 40Kms and still stuck in Meerut where the showroom was. When I informed Sxxxxxxn that showroom is closed to which he replied that you can wait until morning to get the problem resolved and he also told me I’d have to pay from my pocket if I got the car repaired from somewhere else. No one understood my agony or acknowledged the fact that I might have my hotel rooms booked. Additionally, we had two females in our group and they were made to suffer due to this unemphatic behavior as well.
in the end, I had to book a new taxi (from another firm) altogether at around 8 P.M. Worst still, I had credited Rs. 14,045 (9,045 for booking plus 5,000 as security deposit) to their company beforehand and fuel of Rs. 2000 was also paid from my pocket. however, I have only received Rs. 7,948.

I have been requesting them repeatedly that I should get refunded my full money that is Rs. 16,045 but they have refused all the time when I mailed them or call them or post my grievance on their social media platform everytime they are saying that I will get only Rs. 7,948 refunded in my source account, not a penny more and their representative when I told him that if they won’t refund me full money I will file a complaint in consumer forum he replied ” you can do anything you want but we will only refund this much money (Rs. 7,948).

This entire incident caused me severe mental and physical fatigue they kept me and my group standing on a road our group had ta face financial loss we had to book the other taxi by giving extra money as it was an immediate booking plus it was the night, we had to pay extra money for hotel rooms too.

Plus their behavior of not providing any help was so bad, we all were feeling so helpless, that was the worst experience I’ve ever had. Our parents are also scolding us due to such financial loss plus dream of a road trip was also shattered.

They gave us a faulty vehicle it was our luck that we found out about it on plains god knows what would’ve happened if we were on hills. They are deducting Rs. 8,000 without any reason. As for a fault in engine how can we be responsible and they aren’t even clarifying for what they have exactly deducted the money as the vehicle was in total rode for 2 hours/50Kms.

I’ve contacted them through mail, calls, facebook not just one time but so many times but they have the same rude adamant behavior and everytime the same reply that they will refund only Rs. 7,948 and with no explanation of why they are deducting the money like for riding that faulty vehicle for 2 hours. Please take some strict action against them not only me when I checked their facebook platform there are so many similar cases. Thank you, waiting for your reply

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