I got message from MD-FREWORK that is they provide a data entry job of 100 pages. after completion of data entry they take Quality check.and i got 83% of quality check results. they said that “You got Rs.12770/- for this work . we will pay on 28 th evening.” and i they ask 1277 rupees as service charge. i had paid the amount 1277 to their bank account number. and i also pay 650 rupees for daily payment projects. on 27th evening i call to them,they said payment will send you by tomorrow evening. but on 28th they switched off the phones and remove the website on 29th morning. now what i am doing. this is the first time for me. please help me. Mobile numbers of Data entry providers.

Koteswararao kasturi
Chinakancharla 522649, Andhra Pradesh
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 29/06/2016 / 6:40 pm

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