Dealer not providing vehicle documents

I bought a scooty from them and it has been month, i did not get my TR yet. They have been postponing my TR. I call them everyday, they say ‘tomorrow or today’ every day. They said they would give a home delivery when it is done. And finally when it is done, they asked me to go to the showroom. They said this for three days though I denied to go and collect, but finally, when I decided to go, they asked me to come in the afternoon because the papers were not ready. Traffic Police once caught me. Then I stopped going on scooty and started travelling in cabs. I want all that money that I spent on cabs to be paid to me by these people. I also want them to pay for the mental disturbance that they created.

Legala Sai Chethana
Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500046, Telangana

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