False information by HDFC on Debit Card and charges for reissuance

Hdfc bank executive called me and said sir, your card is getting misuse with unauthorized transactions, i said ok then what should i do. He sir you can block this card and apply for new one, i said ok but if there are no any issuance charge for new card other wise do not block.

He said sir, there is no any charge associated with it its free, then i said ok then please process request for issuance of new card. —-Date Nov 2017

Date 14-12-2017: Debit card issuance Fee got deducted from account. Rs. 885, transaction id :mir1734769515025, i got shocked.

I raised a request for refund of that amount since its missale case. HDFC bank process this request of refund very quickly and refunded amount of Rs. 750 out of Rs. 885 on 10th Jan 2018 where they said 135 Rs. is gst which will get reverse in 3 working days.
which is not yet reversed in my account.

Then again i raised complain with hdfc banking asking about the impacted customer with the same missale case , they refused to share details of impacted customers. i agree no company share there details as per there rule.

But Sir, My Question is.

hdfc bank having millions of customer if the same thing would happend with minimum 1 lakh customers and out of that only 1000 customers raised request and they get there money back.

What about the rest customers, who are not aware of these type of illegal transaction in there account.
for Example: 99000(Impacted customer)*750= Rs. 74250000.00
then you can see how many profit hdfc bank earn with one misale transaction.

So my point is very clear.
1. Why amount of Rs. 750 refunded in my account without investigation in the case.

2. gst amount of Rs. 135 is still not accounted in my accuount, it was supposed to be reversed on 15th Jan 2018 but still not processed.

3. why these type of issues not taken seriously with MD.

4. hdfc bank does not allow customers to raise complaints on social media directly. then what is use of social media.

5. hdfc bank asked executive contact no from which i got that call , why they do not have system to track the contact detail of the executive on whose confirmation hdfc banks department deducted amount from account. this is very surprising to here this that they could not track contact no of the person who called me. but they can deduct amount on the persons confirmation …….Great hdfc bank.

Akhilesh Singh
wagle estate, thane 400604, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxx7@yahoo.com

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