Misleading and false information on credit card settlement

I was asked to pay 72,250 as the final payment of my credit card by the collections team and the 10,000 was the late fees fine which I was told is waived off as I lost my credit card and I was not provided with the details of statement due to an error from the banks side which changed my registered email id. So I was not able to make the payment. The collections confirmed that I have to pay 72,250 in total and collect the no dues from the bank of which I have a recorded calls conversations and also the chats on whatsapp. I paid the amount yet I am being told to pay the amount which has increased again to 15k from 10k due to interest and fines. Why should I pay when I have been told that I need not to pay the late fee fine of 10k. If the wrong information or a false promise is made from the axis employee then why should I be bearing the cost. Also, I could have paid the 10k at that time but I was asked not to but was promised that I can collect the no dues certificate from the bank.
I have the call conversation as well as the Whatsapp conversation from the number. If the bank claims that the particular number isn’t associated with them then it is a clear case of confidential information breach as the person was sharing the credit cards details and also my statements. You can check the conversation which was made on the Whatsapp. Please confirm that the number isn’t associated with your bank employee so that I can file an FIR against that number.
PFA the attached screenshots of the conversation. Contact me for further proof.

Shubham Srivastava
vasundhara enclave, New delhi 110096
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx7@hotmail.com

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