Received an old laptop from Amazon vendor

I purchased a Lenovo laptop whose description is in the attachment from amazon on 13th Oct, the product was delivered on 15th Oct. using the laptop in 2-3 days i started facing battery lagging issues and also notice that the 1 year warranty of the laptop had already begun in Aug 2018. i was furious and frustated as i was sold a 2 months old laptop. I called and complained on the 8 th day and i was told that a technician visit is required to validate the issues i was facing. next day the technician came and verified that the issue cant be resolved hence i could ask for a refund. Next day i called up customer service and spoke to numerous people but no one was helpful and was been traferred from dept to dept. i spoke to many but no one helped get a refund and finally i had to ask them to replace the laptop. The replacement laptop arrived today with the same issue. The warranty of the product starts from 24 Aug, which is beyond 2 months prior of me purchasing the laptop. This is completely unacceptable. i tried calling customer service again and was on the phone for more than an hour but the lady said they need 5 days to investigate and then will see if it can be replaced. this is really pathetic. i need my money back for this crap service and poor behavior.

Santosh Prasad
Bangalore 560048, Karnataka

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