Regarding client services from Sulekha

I’m Ayurvedic Doctor and having Clinic in Bangalore. Sulekha agreed that they will give many client leads. And my business will get improved. They sending me clients contact details and i should contact the clients. But the same Lead was shared to 10 to 15 paid customers like me. I have tried to contact all the clients spending my phone cost. But i did not get single client yet. I have paid 20000 Rs, that means sulekha should give my contact number to the Customer to contact me. But Sulekha not giving our contact number. So how could we get clients?

Also i have requested to refund my money from past 2 months, but still no reply for my emails or phones. Marketing person was disconnecting my phone calls.

I have paid 20000 Rupees for 6 month Services. Sulekha representative collected 20000 Rs Cheque and taken my cash from account.

Harendra Irwin
Mathikere, Bangalore 560054, Karnataka

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