Bad mobile network by Reliance Jio

From the day of using Reliance Jio there is great network issue at residence. I called 199 customer care service and complained issue. They said there is issue in BHEL, Ramachandrapuram, Telangana. It takes time to resolve.
But to use internet I have to sit on road before My house to access internet. There is delay in receiving sms. Any sms there is a delay. Banking transactions comes after 6hrs and sometimes next day. What?
I registered complaint with Jio and they did not provide reference number. I registered complaint with SBI Bank about sms, YONO banking app issues.
Why such inconvenience? I pay for mobile network. I use My banking and I am troubled?

Take necessary action.

Suresh Chatla
Ramachandrapura 502032, Telangana

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