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Complaint against fraud company for data entry work

Sir, I was working in tops technology company, kheda Gujarat. When we finish 1200 forms (rs. 25 per form) within 8 days as the target of company and when I need a help they don’t reply me. When I submit complete work to the company then we ask for payment to company. Then now the employ of company is threating to me that your work is not 90% accurate we will take legal action against you and we will not given you payment, and said to me that I am lawyer from maharashtra. When we verify the mobile no. 73xxxx0 of lawyer, was shown location of Gujarat. Please take action against Froud company which is not giving my payment to me. Company want to take Rs. 6700/- from me that your work is not accurate.


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    • Bar un kumar on 28/06/2020 at 4:44 pm

    Sir,I am a student but in lockdown we searching a job in google .few days later a call picked by me from MYC captcha company he said you have to complete 10000 captcha in 10 days .but I can’t complete that then after 10 days he called me and says u have to pay 6900 Rupes another way you have been charged by a case .u have agreement with me. Then we says I cant pay money.because I haven’t,sir please arrest this types of froud company.

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