Complaint against frox enterprises regarding form filling job

I have done work for frox enterprises, at last week. The provide me work of form filling but the made a agreement with out asking me. That they want 1080 correct form out of 1200, and also mentioned a fee of Rs.4300 from my salary but if I unable to complete or fill 1080 correct form they will charge that fee from me.
But it’s all done without my permissin but then also I have done my work correctly but when I send them my work they said your only 81% work is correct and you should have to pay Rs.6600 for correction otherwise I have to pay their fees but I said I don’t have money If you don’t want to pay my salary then it’s ok but I am unable to pay your fees but then they started blackmail me and made a demand of more money.
I want to tell you that they did not make any oppintment latter or joining letter to me and also their website of work is also unsequare. But now they register a complaint against me, what should I do?

Omkar Salve
Ahmednagar 414003, Maharashtra

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