Complaint regarding Club Jiva services

I am also one of the victim of club jiva.  In Goa Trip June 2018, I was approached by a person on a scooter distributing some vouchers around fort Aguada area. He offered me one and said that there are free gifts if you scratch the card and see the details and mentioned that it is a campaign by Club JIVA. When I opened my voucher,  it showed lucky winner and there were 4 options to choose from, only after attending a promotional campaign at one of their hotels.

I was directed to a one of their hotel, and was asked to meet a person who would direct me to the presentation of Club JIVA. Also I was asked not to scratch and see my prize till the end of the presentation.

I met one Ms. Nxxxa who took us through Club JIVA’s programs and their tie ups with international hotel 5star/4star brands around the world.

We beleived their service and decided to purchase.After purchase with in a 2 months we requested them to book a room in Dubai / Balli.They replied they don’t have services in Dubai / Balli. But, they have positive review for dubai trip in their site & Google reviews .Then only I felt they are totally wrong

Again i tried inside india.They requested to pay 5000 rs for 2 days stay as a utilisation charge. then i googled about same hotel  normal booking price of same hotel  is 5000 rs for 2 nights

So there is no benefit for purchasing their subscription with 66,000 rs and 6500 rs for renewal every year
Then only i started to know about them.Club Jiva already cheated more peoples like me. so please take some action on them and help the peoples from this kind of companies

Prasad K
Chennai 600082, Tamil Nadu

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