Complaint regarding convenience fee charged by Myntra

Complaint regarding convenience fee charged by Myntra

Recently, I tried placing an order from Myntra app. On adding items to the cart with a total value of 2800, the total bill showed an additional 149Rs convenience fee charge. On enquiring from customer care, I was informed due to high return rates you are charged this amount. However, Myntra doesn’t mention the number of times a customer is allowed to return the product or what is labeled as “high return rates” and to avoid that you should either opt for an exchange or shouldn’t return. It’s purely a subjective criterion. I had ordered 6 items in the past year out of which 5 were returned because the size ordered was not fitting and no bigger size was available for those products in exchange. Myntra app shows if you return 8 out of 10 times then you are a defaulter while I just placed 6 orders in total last year. So, I am not left with any other option than return the product. After an unsatisfactory reply from Myntra, I tried filling the feedback form. I was unable to submit the negative feedback because whenever a customer submits a negative feedback it shows an error ” please enter valid input”. However, now I am being compelled by Myntra to order products after paying a convenience fee. As I have 2800Rs in Myntra credit, I am bound to order from Myntra only as the amount is non-transferable and non-refundable. Please refund my mytra cedit amount to my parent account.

Bangalore 560075, Karnataka

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