Complaint regarding defective product from Amazon vendor

I have purchased several lakhs worth of goods from Amazon over the past few years and never returned a single item.

However, in February 2018, I ordered a soil testing kit (3 in 1) which was delivered to me on 18th March 2018. On 26th March when I tried to use it, it just did not work (Cost Rs. 1,477), and I called Amazon and asked them to take the product back and return my money. However, on 2nd April, 2018 I was informed by the seller that the return is out of the 10 day window. Since then I have called Amazon several times but it remains denied. Their return policy is 10 days so I had until 28th March to return the product but I had called back by 26th March 2018 itself.

What has happened according to me is that Amazon is using estimated date of delivery (which in this case was 12th March 2018) and adding 10 days to that making the return date cut off on 22nd March 2018. However, the actual date of delivery was 18th March 2018 and therefore the 10 day return policy gives until 28th March 2018 which these guys even after understanding are not agreeing to and denying my legitimate claim. Please help.

I am copying the email exchanges with Amazon in word file and attached with this complaint for your ready reference.

Surajj Bhagchandka
Andheri West, Mumbai 400058, Maharashtra

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