Complaint regarding delivery of wrong item by furniture shop
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Complaint regarding delivery of wrong item by furniture shop

I had booked fitted cot of 4×6 on 22 May 2022 against Bill no. 1634, that time shopkeeper shows me designe on mobile as item physically not available. Then specifically I told shopkeeper that I want hard ply board not laminated nor engineering wood and he agrees. He take full payment in advance and told the item will be delivered in two days. After two days when I asked him about delivery he told it will take another 4 days then I request him to deliver item early as I require it now, he agree to deliver in 3 days. When the item was delivered I was not at home I told my wife to receive the item, when she receive the item the design was totally different from the design shown at shop and the board is laminated engineering wood board. I told shopkeeper about it then he refuse and say that I told for similar design not same. I told him to take item back and refund my money again he refuse and cut my call. After calling many times he agrees on replacement and give time to next weekend. When I call him on next weekend he told that I have to pay delivery charges, I tell him that there is not may fault at anywhere why I have to pay. He told you have to pay after negotiation he agree on to pay half of delivery charges from my side. Then I go to his shop to check the item, there he told he will be delivered in 2 days but till now he is not delivered item.

Bengaluru 560037, Karnataka

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