Complaint regarding fake form filling job and demand for money

I got the job offer from from USYS Services regarding form filling which offered me to pay 10 rs per form for 3000 froms within 15 days and the registration fee will be deducted from the salary. I completed my work and submitted my work on time but this company clamied me that my work is incomplete and as per regulation I was supposed to pay utility charges which include fee for extra time and the registration fee. I didn’t do it, so today I was threaten by the company’s advocate that he will file a case against me in which I have to pay a lot or I have to pay 5400 rs today itself, which was the registration fees This is a scam , after all my hard work, time it’s me who have to pay now !

Manisha Dagar
Ballabgarh, Haryana 121101

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    • Swetha on 22/10/2018 at 1:17 pm

    So what did you do ? You paid them money finally ?

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