Complaint regarding fake form filling work by Bright job services

One company BRIGHT JOB SERVICES from Mumbai give me form filling work for 10days and sighn agreement with me. I was completed his work in the given day than they call me asking me to pay 3400 penalty charge and I will not pay than there lawyer call me to threaten me to file legal case against me and I will have to pay 15k in court. I can’t pay anything to this fraud company, please help me out of this problem.

Garima Chopra
Rudrapur 263153, Uttarakhand

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    • Bop on 05/02/2020 at 11:00 am

    DO not worry. The action determine the nature of Fraud. For threatening they are telling legal action etc. If anything so, tell them that you will face this with a Lawyer. They will not call u back

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Beware of making UPI payments to individual. Always use bank transfer or card payments for big amount transctions.

Beware of fake data entry, form filling and captcha filling jobs. Do not make any payement.

Beware of times4job, eshopokart portals

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