Complaint regarding fraud form filling jobs

On 4 October 2018 I joined Mi Solution for form filling.They told me to fill 800 form in 7 days and 25 per form will be paid you after the submission of the 800 on the dated 4 I started my work of form filling, firstly I open my id in my phone and fill only one form in it,then after that I opened it in my laptop unfortunately it get block due to login on two devices so I call back to the mi solution customer care they told me to pay 5000 to activate my I’d again I accepted my mistake and pay 5000 to activate my I’d. Again I started to fill the forms but now a new problem I faced it was,when I save the filled form then the page will automatically go back to the again login page and when I call to the customer they did not receive my call after many calls they received my call when I told them about the problem then they tells me that there will be nothing happens you can login to your I’d so finally I decided to login it again and login my I’d and it starts now.but again after filling some forms the same problem was came again and this problem was coming continue after filling some forms and I call again and again to the custormers but they did not receive my call.after filling about 531 form the page was again go back to the login page and now this time when I login to my i’d it again get block this time I did not login it in more then one device i can’t understand what happen this time so again I call to custormer now this time they receive my call in just one call,after telling them these problems they told me that this type of problem will not came again to your I’d but you should again pay for your I’d activation I told them that I have not money now then they tells me that if I will not pay them then they will takes legal action against me..
I was scared and again I pay them on paytm number. And I started my work again but the problem was came I called them and they again told me that don’t worry this time your problem will be solved. Therefore I stars my work but the problem was coming continuesly and when I filled about 750 forms then it again get block I was totally confused that what happen this time.again I call to them then now this now they were told me to pay 6000 to activate my I’d even i told them that due to that problem my id get block again and I have not money to pay it again.after that they are threaten me again and again to send me a legal notice.

So please help me..I have bank account details paytm number details of them

Paramveer Giri
Gopalganj 841437, Bihar

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