Complaint regarding fraud house maid agency
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Complaint regarding fraud house maid agency

We were cheated by a guy from Bangalore, under the name of a fraud agency named Sai Helpline services:
He is a total fraud. He has taken an amount of 17k from us and has given a maid. She was hired to take care of our children and cook food. She left us after 2 months saying that her mom was not well. Later we came to know that she went with her lover, and that her mom is doing absolutely well. We now wonder what might have happened if we left our kids with her at home. All she had told us about herself and her family were lies. Thankfully, it was lockdown and both of us were working from home, so we never let her out of sight with our kids.

This person had called and told me that her mom is not well, and asked us to leave her for 2 days. She left us on 2nd June 2020. After that, he and that maid whom he provided, both are not answering our calls. He hasn’t given us a replacement till today. He does not reply to our messages, and has not picked up our calls since then.

Later we came to know that the address he had given for his office, his adhaar card address, and everything has been wrong. Please help us in filing a complaint against him.

I think its a tie up between Pawan and that maid. She works at one place for 2 months or so and runs away. Pawan again gives her to some other innocent people like us. I dont want anybody else falling into this trap. Please help us

Bangalore 560102, Karnataka

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