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Complaint regarding fraud job offer from AKT enterprises

I am a job seeker. One day I was searching for the part time job and applied most of them. A representative of AKT ENTERPRISES named company called me on 01/01/2020 and told me that the company will provide me a part time job at my home. I will have to fill only 7000 captcha online and the company will give me 28000 salary. When I asked about registration fees she( the representative) told me that there is no registration fees. She gave me a WhatsApp number(99xxxxxxxx4) and told to send all my documents along with my photo and signature. I was excited to hear about the salary so I sent my documents. After two days she sent me link and told to login. I logged in and started working. But there were so many problems in that work because after some times working the system restarted automatically. I called in company and told my problems but they did not listened my complaint. So I searched the company online to know working process. But as soon as I saw that the company is a fraud and it blackmailed the clients for money, I stopped my work. But A person called me on 11/01/2020 who told him an advocate, warned me that If I will pay 5200 rs he will charged a case on me of 250000 rs. I am very frightened of it. If he will file a case on me, my career will be spoiled. I am trapped. Please help me and my life.

Birhar Uttar Pradesh 209209

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