Complaint regarding fraud job offers

I got calls for job offer from different consultancies. One is offering jib in HDFC bank, other one is in Kotak Mahindra Bank, and one is in Muthoot Finance. All these three was asking to pay registration fee for security purpose, and said these money will refund you with your first month salary. I got a telephonic interview and got a email that my call is confirmed in Kotak Mahindra Bank, Muthoot Finance and HDFC bank separately. And after that they asking money for documents verification. I was nervous because i already paid so much money on these job offers so i started doubting that these are must be fraud but i keep patience and go with Kotak mahindra bank job but in many step they ask me for money in each process. These people making innconent people fool who seeking jobs.

Anuradha Venbanshee
Post sadar, Azamgarh 276001, Uttar Pradesh

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