Complaint regarding incomplete JioFiber landline connection

Complaint regarding incomplete JioFiber landline connection

I am subscribed to Jio Fiber and Landline service with subscription number.

The sole purpose of this subscription was to acquire a Landline at my residence as MTNL did not have the bandwidth to provide one in my area. At the time of applying for the services I had specifically checked with the sales person about the landline being a wired one and not just using from an application on a smartphone. I also showed him that the internal wiring had already been done by me and all the technician had to do was to attach a RJ11 jack and connect it to the Jio Box and to which the salesman agreed and I happily signed up.
The reason I wanted the POTS is that I have an elderly mother at home who is not tech savvy when it comes to using various applications on the smartphone. I wanted an easier way for her to reach us in case of emergency.

At the time of installation, the technicians installed the Jio Box and got the internet connected but since they did not carry a crimping tool and a RJ11 jack, they promised to return the next day to have it fixed. This was on 29th September 2021. I have been following up with the sales guy (Kishore) and his manager (Sameer) but in wain. I have contacted the customer care several times but they are simply incompetent to understand my issue even after frustratingly managing to reach one through the thick maze of IVR.

Finally I think enough is enough and it makes me wonder, why would Jio call its app based calling service a Landline? Why would one need to have a app based calling service on their phone when one is subscribed already to a mobile phone service.

I would really like TRAI, JIO and other governing bodies to reconsider the Landline license for Jio or Jio needs to educate their staff more on landline services and equip their technicians with the right tools for installing a Landline service.

In either case I the end user is the loser and feel cheated and will be filing a PIL soon if the issue is not resolved in the next 7 days.


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