Complaint regarding incorrect deduction by Bajaj Finserve

Complaint regarding incorrect deduction by Bajaj Finserve

I am writing to bring to your attention a grievous matter regarding the unethical conduct of Bajaj Finserve, a financial institution. I am deeply dissatisfied with their services, as they have failed to rectify a serious issue despite knowing the matter.
Recently, I decided to foreclosed the product loan by settling the outstanding amount in full, which should have effectively terminated my obligation to make any further payments.
I discovered that even after the foreclosure was processed and confirmed by Bajaj Finserve, they continued to deduct EMIs from my account and to my utter dismay they don’t even realized it or return the amount.
I tried contacting Bajaj Finserve through various channels but there’s no other option than to visit their office.
This incident has not only caused financial inconvenience but also raised serious concerns about the integrity and competence of Bajaj Finserve as a financial institution.
I hereby request the Consumer Forum to intervene in this matter and take appropriate action for their negligent and unethical conduct. I seek the following resolutions:-
1. An immediate refund of all erroneously deducted EMIs along with any associated charges.
2. A formal apology from Bajaj Finserve for the distress caused by their actions.
I have attached the statements reflecting the deductions.
I trust that the Consumer Forum will handle this matter with the urgency.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Gonda 271002, Uttar Pradesh

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