Complaint regarding membership from Club Jiva

We were Holidaying in Goa with my wife from 8th June to 13th june 2019. when i was near candolim Beach one of club Jiva Field sales Executive had approached us and informed us regarding a campaign organised by this Club so for attending this campaign they have asked us to Scratch a card to become a lucky winner out of 4 options in scratch card. my wife scratched a card and she had won and executive asked us to visit with him in hotel Mumbai in Goa(candolim). for maximum 1 hour.

When we entered in Hotel one of thier executive has taken our details and one other Girl ms sxxxxxl has approached us and guided us in meeting room where she started pitching about club jiva membership where we were not at all interested in membership but they were forcing us and doing brain wash. meanwhile we were not even allowed to go out as we were very hungry they said yes we are finishing. it took almost 5 hrs in the meeting room where we entered at 1’25 pm and leaving at 5’45 pm. they told us that membership  costs is 90k for 10 years  with bank Interest it will cost us 93k only with monthly EMI rs. 1800 for 24 months then onlu i have agreed on it due to low EMI. so mr. dxxxxxk other Executive had checked my card eligibility and swiped rs. 45k from credit and Debit card respectively with a commitment of rs.1800 per month EMI when i came Mumbai next day i got a message that i am charged rs.4219 from debit card EMI for 1 year and rs. 3783 from credit card for 2 years. I was shocked that how can i be charged with very false and fraud way by club jiva Immediately after this i called my bank that this was amount deducted which is wrong bank told me this is done smartly by club jiva so please  we are charging as per the bank rules your vendor has cheated you so contact vendor if the bank receives the mail from vendor then the bank will stop EMI payments.

I have mailed them 6 times only that you all have lured me , cheated me and looted my hard earned money i need my refund  2 times they reverted me mentioning that they will look in the EMI part but not speaking on refund part.since then they are not replying my calls and mails  and it is very difficult for me to pay rs. 8k a huge EMI as this out of my salary and capacity.I request you to please look in this matter and help me get my hard and valuable money back as i just need to cancel the membership and i have not used single trip from the package.

Mohsin Khan
Mumbai 400095, Maharashtra

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