Complaint regarding Misselling of HDFC Life Policy

Complaint regarding Misselling of HDFC Life Policy

We got a call on 25 Feb from HDFC Life Insurance executive named Pxxxa vxxxxa that my HDFC life insurance which I stopped paying after 2 years has grown into good amount of value and what i would like to do continue or surrender. I said I want to surrender then she said insurance agent code which is tagged to it they will have to Pay to them also and they do not want to pay it so she has raised a complaint with Government official and shared me a phone number of another person saying AK Dxxxxy who would take care of this matter.

AK Dxxxy who is referring himself to be a Government official asked me to buy another traditional insurance plan(Bharti Axa life insurance) which would generate a code and then whole process will get completed in 45 days.He made us take the policy immedietely and asked me to share my netbanking details and password which i did not share however he said i have make the payment in the link he sent which i did. Right after the issuance of the new policy AK Dxxxxy changed his phone number to a new number and started contacting us from the new phone number.
After 45 days passed AK Dxxxxy is now asking me to find another person who would like to invest in such plans and we said that we would not be able to do that we are following up with both of them and both of them are now bypassing our calls. They are not giving us any details on the money and asking to get some other customers for the policy only it has been 60days past asking me to wait for 90 days.

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