Complaint regarding new mobile tower in residential area
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Complaint regarding new mobile tower in residential area

With due respect, I, residing permanently in Kerala, like to portray the above mentioned scenario.
I want to register a complaint against newly coming mobile tower installation near my home, only 80 meter distance without the prior notice of the society, and no approval was taken from the neighbourhood.
The mobile tower plot is situated at residential area and as per supreme court ruling, such towers are illegal and should be removed.

we know that, a large power generator is with the tower to supply un-interupted power in case of electricty failure. This generator produces enormous sound which becomes unbearable especially at night time when everybody is studying.

As this tower pose major healt risk to children and old people continously exposed to the harmful radiations being emitted from the tower and noise pollution it spreads day and night, | am raising my voice through you to help us maintaining the healthy environment around us by removing this tower from the residential area.

Having mobile towers can also pose health problems like severe headache, sleep disturbance, constant body pain, memory problems, joint pains etc. The more severe health effects noted include infertility, miscarriage, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.), heart problems and cancer.

Children are more vulnerable due to a developing immune system and thinner skulls which allows radiation to penetrate deeper. Women run the risk of health problems like hormonal imbalances, miscarriages, breast
and ovarian cancer as they tend to spend more time at home and are exposed continuously.

There are several national and international studies where scientists have found a strong correlation between health problems and exposure to microwaves from mobile phones and mobile towers.

Please could you look at this complaint and escalate it to the right channel for proper action.

We are suffering ADVERSLY. Kindly help me with the regulations for installing the tower and what should be done to make sure that the tower will be remove.

So please help us to come out from this Complex Situation. And my dreams come true if you please accord me the assistance. Please consider the matter seriously.
Hope you will be kind enough to do this favour. With so many thanks.

SULTHAN BATHERY 673592, Kerala

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