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Complaint regarding non-delivery by Big Basket

Every Single day i am ordering in big basket since 10th Mar 2018. They are delivering the order everyday. Today i was waiting for my order since 17:00 IST Few minutes back i got a call before i was washing clothes before i could pick up the call, the call got cut. I called them back in exactly 1 minute. They are saying i didn’t pickup the call hence order is cancelled and order is rescheduled for tomorrow. And they are saying reason as security is not letting the delivery person inside the building. There is no security person in my building. Since i am ordering everyday in big basket, all the big basket delivery persons knows my address and they won’t call me instead they come to my home directly. All the vegetables are for my Pets. If i don’t get the order today should i starve my pets or go search in all vegetable shops for vegetables for my Pets. What good it does to anyone if they are going to deliver today’s vegetables tomorrow. All this because of incompetent delivery person who does not know my address.

Saranga Venugop Sowrirajan
Chikkathogur road, Bangalore 560100, Karnataka

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