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Complaint regarding non-delivery by Nykaa

I placed an order on Nykaa App on 16th of June, 2020. Order amount 2652/-

It is nearing to two months since I placed the order, but there has been no update about it. The whole order was divided into 3 shipments, Out of which 1 shipment was undelivered. Amounting to  1766/-

1. I have been repeatedly calling their customer support(Nykaa customer support) , but the only thing they would tell me is “Sorry, we will fix it soon” it has been almost 2 months since they were repeating the same lines with false promises , fake excuses and resolutions.

Yet, I waited patiently and kept following up since Day 1.

2. One time, a support executive even lied to me saying the package is already in transit.  Hearing this, I was really hopeful and waited a week for the package. But it wasn’t delivered.  Lies again.

3. When I asked them for the refund- to give my money back as they were not delivering the products, Nykaa would again lie to me saying that the package had already been shipped. And blamed the delivery partner “Delhivery” for the delay.

I was still patient and believed their words and waited for a week for the parcel to come. But the products were not delivered. When I e-mailed the Delhivery courier partner they said that they haven’t even been handed over the package by  Nykaa, and that there was no delay from their side.

Why did Nykaa lie to me , saying the package is in transit, while it is actually still lying there in their warehouse?

Isn’t this some kind of a fraud? Nykaa would  keep delaying to deliver the products nor give my money back.

4. In spite of all the lies, and false promises, I was still patient and was following up on my order.

3 days back when I called the Nykaas customer support again, put pressure on them, the executive promised me saying refund would be initiated within 24 to 48hrs.

He said that I would receive an email, when refund is initiated. As I hung up the call, I received an email with the same context of what the support executive spoke to me on phone- but in a written form. Which made no sense.

Yet,   I waited 3 days for the refund status.  But no email. I even checked if my email Id is incorrect. But, Nykaa sends me emails on all their upcoming sales and discounts , but wouldn’t send me an email on the status of my refund request.

I have been a loyal customer to Nykaa since many years, and this is how they treated me. Please find the attachment of courier partner’s reply saying Nykaa didnt yet,  hand over the package to them.

All I asked for, and ask for, is to give my money back. My rightfully earned money. Please help!

Manikonda, Hyderabad 500089, Telangana

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    • on 05/08/2020 at 5:53 pm

    Dear Apoorva,

    Hope you are doing well!

    We are unable to locate your order under your name, we would request you to email us the order details on so that we can assist you in a better way.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

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