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Complaint regarding non-receipt of refund from Air India

We have booked two tickets for my mother-in-law and brother-in-law to attend to our first baby delivery needs at the hospital in Sydney.

Due to COVID restrictions flight was canceled by Air India, we have contacted Air India immediately first reply was if our flights cancelled by Air India you are entitled for full refund which will be effected in to your account in 2-3 weeks from the call center team members on 3 different occasions in March-April.
Even after 3 weeks we didn’t get the money hence we called back and we were bounced everywhere with no support, 31 calls made, only 4 were answered, rest all 40+ minutes of wait each time and gets disconnected by saying “Thanks for calling air India”, we wrote to their offices in Melbourne, Bombay, Chennai and Delhi but their responses were contradicting over the period of time, please see the attached replies and how they have changed their promises.

We are not permanent residents or citizens, hence barred to travel in unconditionally, we are on work visa and our visa itself is ending soon, looks like our employment is also not certain in Australia but Air India is forcing us to book again, but they never paid attention to all the time wasted on the phone and our complaint that we are temp resident and almost ready to leave Australia, they said something new “Cancellation Feee”, which is applicable only if we cancelled it wantedly, in this case Airlines is lying and was very rude to us on calls and emails.

We asked for escalation head or complaints person but they wouldn’t give.

They just copy paste same information with no respect to us what so ever.

We want our full refund and compensation for the time wasted on 31 calls and poor and respectful treatment to us so far.

Prasanna Kumar
Chennai 600056, Tamil Nadu

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