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Complaint regarding Rajesh cable of Hathway cable services

I am a client of Hathway since many years and have always faced the issue of renewing my plans with them. They have different policy which is a bit confusing and the employees working in our branch talk in a very rude behaviour.
When you ask one person about the details of the plan go to X person after which they ask about my building name so I have to meet the other person for further queries. It is a small unit but lot of chaos within themselves plus waiting period also counts when you are already been taken by one.
Apart from this, there is no intimidation given for renewal of the plan and they just cut off the cable. When you call them they don’t respond to the calls or messages. I and my family is been trying to call them from past 4 – 5 days to start our connection. They just fail to respond in any way also I have sent the mail on the complaint id mentioned on their website, to my disguise no respond.
During the period of Lockdown, how do we fix this as we have to restrict our movement. We are calling them to ask how do we start the connection again but no one replies and when you go personally, they ask for the receipt and then we have to fill up the form (since we have taken a-l-a cart channels as their package channels doesn’t have our chocies) and then do the payment.
Can we have a shorter way or a quicker way to do the payment plus an intimidation of renewal so there’s no disconnection. Thank you

Henal Chheda
Mumbai 400077, Maharashtra

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