Complaint regarding refund due from Travolook

Complaint regarding refund due from Travolook

I booked my travel ticket  on 27th May,2022 for from Kozhikode to Chennai.  3 minutes upon the payment was successful, i was notified by sms and an email stating that my ticket is cancelled due to fare expiration (increase in fare price).  upon mailing them requesting to process refund immediately, I was notified by an email that the refund will take 10 to 15 working days.

I have been calling them regularly and have mailed them regularly in the respective number and mail id provided in their email and website. So far they have answered one email in generic manner and in 2 calls stating to wait for more than 10 days.

Today was the second time they answered the call and the executive kept saying the same things as to wait for another 10 days.

Please help me resolve this issue  as soon as possible.

Chennai 600015, Tamil Nadu

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