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Complaint regarding refund of penalty by Air India in student fare

I was travelling from Jammu to leh from Air india AI450 on 21 may 2018 on a student discounted ticket (YJKK2)which I booked in Delhi (school of planning and architecture) . Since there is one clause which says I can travel from place of my study to my home town through this ticket which is mentioned on site but not on ticket, I was panelized 9345 INR on a ticket worth 6545 INR . It was really difficult to arrange the required amount .

There should be a provision while booking ticket that they should ask for all the information which covers all the clauses and the customers are not tortured on the same day and the amount of panelty they charge is beyond explanation.

The discount it that case should not be granted at the time of booking. Also such kind of tickets should have all the clauses printed on the ticket which we receive from air india. So that next time it donot happens with another students in the country.

vivek aggarwal

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