Complaint regarding servicing O’ GENERAL AC

Complaint regarding servicing O’ GENERAL AC

I am having O’ GENERAL AC. This summer, I requested M/s.ESQUIRE, ‘Devbhoomi’, Between Commerce Six Roads & Vijay Cross Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009 for normal service of AC.  The attendant mechanic informed us that small holes are found on copper U tube & gas gets leaked. He emptied the balance (quite a lot) gas from the chamber.   We were surprised as the AC was idling from last summer season, i.e. nearly 8 months. So, gas should have been leaked totally. However, it was not so.    He took the AC to workshop to replace the U tubes.

Later on, another mechanic came with repaired AC. However, for reasons best known to him, he took the AC back to the workshop.   After a day, he came with AC & reinstalled. After switching on AC, he left & we paid him Rs. 5500/-.   While switching on AC next time, it was found that there was no cooling effect at all. Hence, we complained to ESQUIRE.

Nearly after a week, third mechanic came & took the circuit with him for probable repairs.   Since ESQUIRE is having only one Circuit Specialist & was suffering with COVID 19, the job was not attended for nearly 1 month.   Finally, the circuit was returned to us saying it is not repairable.

Thus, we have lost almost full season of summer without AC.   It is to be noted that both circuits were replaced a year ago only costing us Rs. 22000/-.   Now, ESQUIRE asks for Rs. 12000/- for new circuit.

We are of strong opinion that AC was working fully before attended by first mechanic. The damage to the circuit may have occurred by mechanics themselves at workshop.

‘(1) stopped responding to us, hence, we requested Customer Care (2). Both of them are not responding at all from months together..

View above, you are requested to direct ESQUIRE to replace the circuit without costing me anymore.

Physically, mentally & economically, I have suffered a lot & a satisfactory compensation is justified.

Ahmedabad 382424, Gujarat

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