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Complaint regarding unfair fare practice by Ola

My wife travelled to work in the morning (CRN1125839562) by Ola Micro on Friday October 6, 2017, and she paid Rs. 211. In the evening, due to surge pricing, when I booked an Ola Micro for her using my account, the price shown was Rs. 334. I confirmed the booking (CRN1127292117) with the increased price as she was running a fever. However, when she reached home, without any change in route or destination, the final fare showed up as Rs. 816!

Ola is refusing to refund the additional amount charged. They agree that Rs 334 was shown, but due to peak pricing, as per their policy, they are free to charge any additional amount they want!

I caught their lies the next day. I took screen shots of every screen during the booking process (CRN1130162045), where the confirmed price was Rs 43, but the final price charged was Rs 63! They first refused to refund the additional amount citing the same reason, but when I emailed them the screenshots, they immediately refunded Rs. 20 in my account.

This is blatant unfair practice by Ola. The price shown before booking is the price they can charge. They cannot arbitrarily add extra charges without informing the customer.

Rushabh Mehta
Matru-Ashish, Mumbai 400036, Maharashtra

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