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Complaint regarding Voltas AC installation and customer support

All together it was a wrong decision to buy Voltas AC that to from Flipkart, because of below mentioned difficulties faced –
1. Service Delivery: Services rendered by Jeeves and its local partner Cool Comfort (in Pune) for AC Installation is pathetic.
2. Installation Time Taken by Cool Comfort’s Staff: Time taken for installation was 11 hours spread over 2 days. With 7 hrs on day 1 (21-MAR-18) & 4 hrs on day 2 (22-MAR-18).
3. Installation Charges: The technician (Axxxxf Kxxxxxn) assigned by Cool Comfort has said that he want to visit the site, after checking things he had asked for advance payment to procure things required for installation. Moreover he had given the quotation for installation in which he had charged GST on the outdoor unit stand.
4. Technical Competency of Cool Comfort’s Staff: The AC’s Indoor unit is installed with at least 20 degrees tilted, the technician (Axxxxf Kxxxxxn) said its done deliberately as it will ease out the water drainage. AC’s outdoor unit is fixed up with 2 nut bolts at the front side and at the back side it is just tied with cable ties. Even after taking 11 hours of time for installation, within 3 days (25-MAR-18) the AC had stopped cooling. I had registered a complaint on Voltas toll free number, the service call was assigned to “Shree Refrigeration”. After visiting, their engineer had confirmed that the gas has leaked out as the AC Installation has not been done properly and I need to call the agency by whom the AC installation was done (Jeeves & Cool Comfort).
5. Punctuality: Cool Comfort’s executives don’t know what does punctuality means. The representative will never come on the time committed by them. They will always come 2 hrs later than the actual time committed that too after chasing them every single time. The family which lives below my flat had suffered as the access for installing Outdoor Unit was given through their balcony.
6. Back-end office staff of Jeeves / Cool Comfort: When I Had called them they had put my phone on speaker phone and mocked.

Now, within 45 days from the above incident on 11-MAY-18 again the AC has stopped cooling even at 17 degrees. I had called on 18004254555 to take the free warranty service. Accordingly the request was assigned to “Shree Refrigeration”. Through them the technician came on 12-MAY-18, he cleaned the filters and put them back. For some time AC worked properly but again it stopped cooling in the evening. When i had called Shree Refrigeration’s engineer on 13-MAY-18, the technician came he checked everything and concluded that the AC Installation is not done properly and i need to get it corrected from Cool Comfort.

Neither Voltas nor any of the above channel partners of Voltas are taking accountability.

Bhushan Taiwade
Porwal Road, Lohagaon


    • Voltas on 16/05/2018 at 4:01 pm

    Dear Bhushan Taiwade,

    We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint number and mobile no. at and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

    Voltas Online Team

    • Voltas on 24/05/2018 at 5:18 pm

    Dear Bhushan,

    We hope your issue has been resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Please feel free to contact us at

    Voltas Online Team

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