Data entry job fraud and money demand

I received a call from STM technologies Aurangabad, Maharashtra regarding part time data entry job which consisted of 1500 forms they asked me to complete the work in 10 days and for per form i’ll be given 20 rupees which is equal to a sum of 30000 if i match the standard of forms with 90%  accuracy so i said yes i’ll work for you guys so the person on the phone asked me to download a agreement app so that i can upload my signature so i did the same then i got an agreement. Next day i received a mail having the username and password so i started the work and with all the dedicaation i did the work and completedd 1401 form which was 51 forms more then the 90% work and submittedd the forms. But then after two days i got a mail from an advocate Axxxl Gxxxxa that i have to pay 5000 to the company otherwise the company will file a case against me and the next day the same advocate called regarding the same matter then i checked about the matter over the internet and there i discoverred that this is all fraud and they are doing the same thing with everyone. so i decided to file a complaint against them. so, please do the needfull and save me from this situation.

Kshitiz Vashisht
Phagwara 14440, Punjab

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