Data Entry Job work_Fraud by Optra Services, Gujarat

Data Entry Job work_Fraud by Optra Services, Gujarat

This is regarding the online data entry fraud by Optra Services. On 09th February 2021, received call from Ms.Sxxxxa (Mob.No.63xxxxxxx3) regarding part time data entry job. She has sent the reference screen shots of data entry and further asked me to send the Aadhar card and Gmail id which I have sent it in reply. Further, she has sent an agreement with acceptance form and asked me to send the acceptance immediately for providing the work. Being in a positive attitude, I have given the acceptance in reply and received login credentials. As she has informed that the work of 1000 entries is to be completed in a week, entered the data and submitted the final report on 15-02-2021.

On 18-02-2021, received call for extension of 1 day to submit the work for that he insisted to pay Rs.6500/- towards utility & maintenance charges/Legal charges which I have transferred to the account number. After completion of entry work, uploaded the report on 18-02-2021 and sent to ffonlineservice07[@] On 19-02-2021, received message that QC report is failed as 90% of accuracy is not met. Received following message:

As per discussion kindly pay the amount of Rs 32,500/-  and send me payment receipt here today before 01:00 PM

As per telephonic conversions. You agreement cancellation process done from the court but as per the indian contract act you should have clear out documents clearance process from Delhi Arbitration court. For that you have to present at Delhi Arbitration Court today before 04:00 PM. OR You can do digital signature process before 11:30 AM today. For that you have to pat Rs 5,580/- per signature. Total amount Rs 5,580*8= Rs 44,640/-. Kindly find below details and pay this amount before 11:30 AM today for digital signature process and no need to present at Delhi Arbitration Court.

All the amount was transferred. Now again they have sent a notice to pay Rs.65,000/- otherwise legal action will be taken against me.

Sri Vaishnavi
Bhadrachalam 507111, Telangana

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