Delay in refund from Flipkart for Asus 6z mobile

I had purchased Asus 6z phone for my wife for engagement anniversary. I got the phone but was a defective piece. I requested return die to below problems:
1) The earpiece (on the top of the screen) gets a distorted voice of the volume is set more than 60 %.
2) Suddenly the finger print sensor and the pattern didnot work and the phone was un-accesible.

The Jeeves tech visit happened. The technical person gave fake reviews to Flipkart. The tech person also suggested us that our problm with this Asus 6z device is common, you can directly fight it out with Flipkart for return or refund.

For days I was requesting for return but none listened to me. I tweeted the same on Twitter and got a call from a SME ( social media executive) of Flipkart, where they initially agreed for second tech visit but after our resistance, they suggested to replace our product without tech visit. We resisted that offer but they said give us once chance to improve this and we went ahead.

In the mean time the SME had already requested for a tech visit which she didn’t cancel.

Irony is that I got a call from the same Jeeves tech be person for the visit. I suggested him to not come as the SME had already provided me the replacement. Ideally he should cancel the visit but instead he marked it as complete and suggested the phone is working fine.

Now we got a new phone and again it had below two problems
1) Same audio problem.mentioned above
2) While recording the video or motion tracking feature, if the flip camera is moved there is a strange voice of motors recorded in the video which was not happening in the previous devices.

Now I went back to Flipkart application and found the refund option. I initiated the refund request. I got a call from Flipkart executive and even he said that the Jeeves tech visit has provided wrong reviews and the same has been complained to the concern team and don’t worry you refund request is initiated and the concern team will take a decision on that.

Today 5 to 6 days have passed and no one is contacting me regarding refund neither anyone is giving me any update on my refund.

I have been tweeting the same and no luck so far.

Vikrant Mandalia
Airoli 400708, Maharashtra

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    • Mudit Marwah on 17/07/2019 at 5:30 pm


    In this very particular scenario, I personally suggest to direct your case to consumer courts regarding the negligence on both the part and the non delivery of the services as per the consumer protection Act. We can prove the negligence and lack of services besides the various communications.

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