Dispute in CIBIL report by Capital First Bank

Wrongly updated as joint account holder for Personal Loan in my Cibil Report. I have coordinated with Capital First Bank on this but not resolved. The issue is Mr. Mxxxxa Hxxxxxxxa is a primary account holder for the PL 1xxxxx6 and mine reported as joint account holder. But I do not have any blood relating with that person and no communication is received by the bank on the personal loan default. I traced Mr. Hxxxx Kxxxxxx contact details and provided to collection represented of Capital First, but no resolved and reported in my CIBIL as liability. I never received any communication from Capital First on this personal loan. Could you please help to remove from my CIBIL and I am suffering very badly with this report in CIBIL.

Sobhan Babu Yalamanchili
Bachupally, Hyderabad 500090, Telangana
Email: yxxxxxxxxu@hotmail.com

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