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Extra cancellation charges by Uber

On 4th June I had booked an uber ride at around 4:30. The uber driver after taking me to my destination said that I had to pay an extra charge of Rs 60 as a cancellation charge of my last day’s ride. Actually the last day(3rd June) I had booked an ola ride around 12 in the noon. I had been waiting in the terrible afternoon heat for over 30 mins. Neither did the driver of my booked cab call me nor did he receive my call. Finally I was compelled to cancel it. So i think that even after cancelling I shouldn’t be charged with the cancellation charges.

Susmita Rakshit
Bangur Avenue, Kolkata 700055, West Bengal
Email: rxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com
04/06/2017 / 8:20 pm

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