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Fake Captcha Entry Job from I.Q.Solutions, Gujarat

I got a got a call from a person who explained me about online captcha entry job by I.Q.Solutions, Gujarat on 5th Nov, 2020. He told me that I need to fill 10000 captcha entries in 10 days without registering and the correct entry will be awarded Rs.3 each which makes 30000/- in 10 days if 90% accuracy is achieved. He also told that  an amount of Rs.6900/- will be deducted as a part of the registration process when I received 30000/-. They took my aadhar  card and sent  me a  copy of  agreement. Then another lady asked me whether I’m interested in that work or not to which I’ve agreed as I’m searching for a part-time job.
Everything is fine when I started working but  his whatsapp number is not reachable  after 3 working days and the portal on which I’m working is showing that I’ve entered a lot of wrong captchas. When I’m searching for that company  I’ve known that it is a fake one which lure people and blackmail for big amounts of money  saying that a case had been filed and legal action should be taken. Being a student who’s is in need of part-time jobs, I’ve fallen for this trap without knowledge. I don’t know how to escape.
Please sir/madam take severe action on such companies which trap innocent people. Please guide me how can I escape from this.

Rajhmundry 533107, Andhra Pradesh
Email: txxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com


    • Ram on 14/07/2021 at 10:46 am

    Respected sir/madam
    In the month of December 2020 I also fall trap to I q solutions gujarat, I have already paid 1.5 lacs. Inspite of several complaints in consumer court, no feedback.
    Can u please help me

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