Fake job offer from onlineworksjob

Job was offered to me on 30th of Nov 2019 for data entry through freelancer Onlineworksjob. A girl  named Rxxxu called me said that they provide job without initial fee deposit and I have heard from somewhere that freelancer provide genuine job but I was not fully aware that in freelancer some people are also there who takes the benefit of needy people .She  asked me for my adhar card and one snapshot of passport size photo I send her and then she said me to give online signature .At that time I was little confused but she was continuous in touch with and that time I also haven’t fully read the agreement that whatever she said is not real she forcing me continuous that your work will go to some other hand if you take too much time  me said to me u don’t have to pay if u are failure to complete the task she said that whatever you get after completion of work  some amount would be deducted as per some charges include in it . After some time I searched in YouTube and in some other site then I fully understand that they are making us fool and I don’t have to work for them then I decide not to work but today message comes?to me that I m not doing my work so they will charge meRs 3999  otherwise they will taking legal action against me .

Sinee Kumari
Ranchi 843009, Jharkhand
Email: sxxxxxxi@gmail.com

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